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Masked Aadhaar Card Download:-

Opening a bank account, applying for a credit card, booking a trip, etc. all include the need for an Aadhar card. Every platform has it because of its own identifying traits. However, the government wants to grant some privacy to the Aadhar holder while it is in use in order to increase security. By masking Aadhar, it is possible to hide particular characters and just display specific data. We will just cover Masked Aadhar and all pertinent facts in the article we are writing today. We will also describe how to download a Masked Aadhar Card.

Masked Aadhaar Card Download

Masked Aadhaar Card Download

The government issued the advisory on May 27, 2022, asking people to send only their masked versions of their Aadhaar cards rather than photocopies of their original Aadhaar cards. Due to the privacy concern associated with the original Aadhar card, they produced the Masked Aadhar. The existence of this card is still not widely known.

The Masked Aadhar Card’s explanation is provided on the official website as follows: The Mask Aadhaar option allows you to mask your Aadhaar number in your downloaded e-Aadhaar. Masked Aadhaar number implies replacing of first 8 digits of the Aadhaar number with some characters like “XXXX-XXXX” while only the last 4 digits of the Aadhaar Number are visible.

Article Name Masked Aadhaar Card
Advisory Launch date 27 May 2022
Beneficiary Only Aadhar Card Holders
Benefits Privacy
Official Website

Masked Aadhaar Card Objectives

Enhancing security and privacy for cardholders is the main goal of masked Aadhaar. Users may share their masked Aadhaar with other platforms without worrying about misuse thanks to the availability of a mask for Aadhaar. Individuals do not have to be concerned about disclosing their Aadhar number since this Masked Aadhar may be used as a legal document on any site that supports it.

Masked Aadhaar Benefits

  • The government is making an effort to integrate electoral cards with Aadhar since it is believed that the process of identifying people through it is so crucial in the context of the digital era. Every day, Aadhar shows increasing levels of sensitivity.
  • As a result, it became necessary to hide all of the card’s information or mask the Aadhar number. One of the most notable benefits of this method is that masking directly improves the security and privacy of the user.
  • We informed the users that using the original copies of the photostat of the original copy would result in us disclosing their Aadhaar numbers, which could put them in danger. The final four digits on an Aadhar card are the only ones seen when the card is masked, which hides the other numbers.
  • The UIDAI advises using the Aadhaar card carefully. The document issues a warning against using Aadhaar for promotional or illegal activity.

Download Masked Aadhaar Card Through Aadhar

To Masked Aadhaar Card Download follow the steps given below:-

  • First, visit the Official Website i.e.
  • A page will open on your screen.
  • Here click on the Login option.
  • Now, enter the Aadhaar number, Captcha, and click on Send OTP.
  • After that, enter the received OTP on the Aadhaar registered mobile number.
  • Then click on Login.
  • After login, click on Download Aadhaar.
  • Click on the “Do you want a masked Aadhaar?” option.
  • Finally, click on Download.
  • Click on the downloaded file and enter the password.
  • Password is the first four letters of your name as per Aadhaar in CAPITAL letters and year of birth in YYYY format.

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