Mo Jungle Jami Yojana Odisha 2023: Apply, Benefits, Eligibility

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Mo Jungle Jami Yojana Odisha:- The Odisha government has launched a new initiative in the state. Through this scheme, the state’s tribal people and forest residents can obtain basic rights. Therefore there will be an effort to shorten the distances between forest communities. Read on to learn more about the Odisha Mo Jungle Jami Yojana in detail, including its objectives, features, benefits, implementation, eligibility requirements, required paperwork, application processes, and much more.

Mo Jungle Jami Yojana Odisha


Mo Jungle Jami Yojana Odisha

The government of Odisha initiated the Mo Jungle Jami Yojana, which provides the state’s scheduled tribes and forest dwellers with fundamental rights. Another name for this plan is the My Forest Land Scheme. This plan will provide better water facilities, schools, transportation conveniences, and medical facilities to the state’s forest settlements and indigenous populations. As a result, the beneficiaries will have more resources for survival and food security. The Indigenous communities will be more easily assimilated into civilization as a result of this plan.

More than 7 lakh people living in the state will benefit from the Odisha Mo Jangal Jami Yojana. Odisha would be the first state in the nation to give both individuals and communities access to forest community rights by putting the Mo Jungle Jami Scheme into practice. This program works in tandem with FRA 2006 (Central Government Scheme) to grant Scheduled Tribes and forest dwellers their fundamental rights.

Article About Mo Jungle Jami Yojana
Initiated by Government of Odisha
Beneficiary Forest Dwellers and Scheduled Tribes
Objective To provide the Basic Rights
Official Website
Odisha State Govt Official Website

World Indigenous Peoples Day

Naveen Patnaik, the chief minister of Odisha, unveiled the Mo Jungle Jami Yojana on the International Day of the World Indigenous Peoples Day. With everyone’s enthusiastic participation, the Chief Minister stated his hope that this program would signal a significant turning point in tribal development. The program’s objective is to protect the usage rights of all qualifying individuals and groups to use forest land. Additionally, this plan will serve as the framework for all development initiatives. And steps will be taken to stabilize the way of life of indigenous peoples.

The status of revenue villages will be given to forest villages that have never been surveyed. The administration’s objective, according to the chief minister, is to enroll everyone who qualifies in this program. He asserted that steps are being taken to ensure that no competent person is overlooked. The initiative aims to recognize the contributions made by tribal members to the continuous exploitation of forest resources. He asserts that it will also help to maintain stability for tribal people’s way of life, the environment, and the economy.

Mo Jungle Jami Yojana Objective

The main objective of the scheme is to provide participants with more resources for survival and food security. The Odisha State Forest Rights Scheme will also give individuals ownership of the land, enabling them to use it in any way they see right. The Odisha State Forest Rights Scheme offers property rights as well as access to forest resources. As a result, People can utilize their land any way, they see appropriate. Additionally, the state government ensures that amenities for education, healthcare, and road connectivity, water supplies are available.


  • Citizens of the Odisha state will receive the benefits of the Mo Jungle Jami Scheme.
  • The program increased livelihood and food security will benefit the beneficiaries.
  • The tribal and forest inhabitants of the state will benefit from improved water infrastructure, schools, transportation, and healthcare services.
  • This plan will help bring indigenous peoples into the mainstream of society.
  • The Mo Jangal Jami Yojana will confer both land ownership and the right of ownership.
  • According to this plan, tribal communities will get forest rights.
  • If the tribal group in Odisha receives any benefits, the state government will ensure that they are allocated fairly or not.
  • For the Mo Jungle Jami Yojana, online and offline entries are both accepted.
  • This program will benefit more than 7 lakh residents of the state.

Mo Jungle Jami Yojana Features

  • Fundamental Rights Granting
  • To provide enhanced facilities for forest communities and indigenous villages
  • Enticing the beneficiaries to use the program


To ensure the scheme’s effective execution, the state government will create Forest Right Cells at the district level. This will make monitoring and revising the Scheme a top priority. Officials claim that announcements on Forest Rights also took place during Gramme Sabhas in the villages. Therefore, everyone will be aware of and benefit from the Odisha State Forest Rights Scheme.


There are approximately 53,845 communities in the state, and 32,562 of them are a part of the main FRA network. The state is home to over 62 different tribal castes, 13 of which are Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs). In Odisha, there are 9.5 million tribal people according to the 2011 census. making up 22.85% of Odisha’s total population. This Tribal Population inhabits a territory in the state that is just about 35,739 square kilometers.

Mo Jungle Jami Yojana Budget

The state government of Odisha was the first to recognize the State Forest Rights Scheme when the budget for the fiscal year 2023–2024 was unveiled. The state government has allocated a budget of Rs 26 crore for the Mo Jangal Jami Yojana. Without any involvement from the national government, the state legislature has approved money for this budget.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a citizen of Odisha.
  • This program benefits will also be available to PVTGs and single women.
  • Only scheduled tribes and people who live in forests will be able to benefit from the program.

Required Documents

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Permanent Certificate
  • Caste Certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • Passport size photo
  • Mobile Number

Mo Jungle Jami Yojana Application Procedure

The Odisha Mo Jungle Jami Yojana was recently unveiled by the state of Odisha. Although the government has not yet launched an official website, it will soon establish this. As soon as there is a new development about this paln, we will update this post. So keep visiting this website.

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