MLD Entertainment Audition 2023 for Artists {Male/ Female}, Online Registration Link

MLD Entertainment Audition Male/ Female Artists, Online Registration Link 2023:-MLD Entertainment Company has started auditions for various available positions. For which audition participants will have to demonstrate their ability in singing, performing, modeling and acting. Today in this article we are providing you all the information related to the features of MLD Entertainment Audition. It includes its requirements, application process and other relevant information. All interested candidates should read our essay thoroughly from beginning to end for all types of information related to MLD Entertainment Audition.

MLD Entertainment Audition

MLD Entertainment Audition 2023

MLD Entertainment stands for “The Legend of Management”, helping you achieve your dreams. MLD Entertainment provides an opportunity to excellent individuals to develop their skills and build their career based on those skills. It is a Korean company famous for producing entertainment around the world. Which is called MID Entertainment. MID Entertainment Apart from providing training to artists in various fields, this organization also produces concerts, musicals, films and advertisements.

It is a big platform, which provides an opportunity to people from all over the world to showcase their abilities and start their professional careers in various fields. People from all over the world make their career by showcasing their skills through this platform.

MLD Entertainment Audition Registration Overview
Name of the company MLD Entertainment
Origin Korea
Nationality Foreigners are accepted (No limitation on nationality)
Information MLD Entertainment Audition
Gender No limitation on gender (Male /Female/ Girls)
Email [email protected] 
Age limit No limitation age
Application process Online or Application through Post
Category Actor, Singer, Model, and Dancer
Official website

Types of Fields For MLD Entertainment Auditions 2023

Singing Acting Modelling Composing/Producing Qualification for MLD Entertainment Audition Candidates with a variety of talents are applying for the audition, such as:-

  • Singing Acting Modelling Composing/Producing Qualification for MLD Entertainment Audition
  • There is no restriction placed on the participants about their gender.
  • Candidates from any country can submit their applications to participate in the audition. There is not even the slightest restriction placed on the nationality.
  • There is not the slightest restriction placed on the age of the participants.
  • Auditions held online for MLD Entertainment

MLD Entertainment Auditions 2023 Via Post

  • Prospective applicants should start by downloading the application from the official website, which may be found at
  • After that, you must fill out the application form with all the essential information.
  • Please include all of the necessary attachments with your completed application form.
  • Please send your completed application to the following mailing address: casting and Training Team, 2nd F, 29, Seongneung-ro, 135-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
  • Download the application form from the official website, which is This is required to apply through email.

Please ensure that the application form has all of the essential information.

After that, email it to the address listed for the MLD Entertainment audition on their website, [email protected]. In addition, please attach all of the necessary documents to the email.

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Warning Before You Audition For MLD Entertainment

If the applicants are successful in the MLD Entertainment Audition, the firm will contact each of the participants individually within two weeks after the announcement of the results.

The applicant will not get any of the papers attached to the application form.

Any data, photographs, or videos that were altered using a rectification program or application that did not meet the requirements would be disregarded during the evaluation.

Information Regarding MLD Entertainment’s Contact Details

Address: – MLD Entrainment Co., Ltd. 2nd F, 29 Seongneung-ro, 135-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, ZIP: – 06059.

Email ID: – [email protected]

The following is the email address for the audition: [email protected]

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How to apply for the MLD Entertainment Audition

  • Applying through E-mail

Download the ‘Application form’ and fill it out. After then, send it to [email protected] with attachment.

  • Applying through POST

Download the ‘Application form’ and fill it out. Including attachment, mail it to the address below

Position What you need
VOCAL 1 min of video of singing a song(any song you want)
RAP 1 min of video of singing a song(any song you want)
DANCE 1 min of video of singing a song(any song you want)
ACTING A video of acting(anything you want to act)
MODEL  PR video including walking and pose
COMPOSING/PRODUCING Own original song and demo song of arrangement


1. How to join mld entertainment?

Please download the “Application form” and finish it to apply for this place. After that, you should email it to [email protected] with the attachment included. The evaluation will not consider any photographs or movies that use a correction program, filter, or application, nor any that do not have the required number of files.

2. How many students are currently enrolled in MLD Entertainment’s training program?

According to a report published by the Korean entertainment platform Kpopstarz, the next group would consist of six members chosen from a pool of more than 50,000 trainees.

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