admser chd nic in Chandigarh 2023: Salary Slip Online Details Check

Admser chd nic in:- Managing a large number of employees is difficult and takes extra care to guarantee that each employee’s requirements are addressed. Indian state governments are transitioning to digital systems that can support thousands of personnel and services at the same time. Using modern tools, private and public enterprises may easily coordinate their staff and provide different services.

Chandigarh is one of India’s most sophisticated states in terms of employing computerized technology to manage its personnel. Through the website, all government employees may obtain salary information such as payslips, loans, advances, pay increments, allowances, and more. The government uses platforms to guarantee that all departments work under a single service for simple follow-up.

admser chd nic in

Admser chd nic in 2023

About Sevaarth Chandigarh Employee Salary Slip

The National Informatics Centre (NIC) established the one-of-a-kind site called as Sevaarth IFMS (Integrated Finance Management System). The central facility allows the Chandigarh government to handle all personal information of its workers online. Employees must register in order to enjoy numerous services without having to visit the headquarters. Because it is open to workers from all Indian states, Sevaarth IFMS is accessible to workers in Chandigarh from Haryana or Punjab.

Sevaarth Chandigarh is an online portal that allows government workers to see their pay stubs. This simple tool removes the need for employees to manually handle wage slips, making it easier for them to keep track of their earnings and manage their accounts. Simply connect in with your employee ID and password to access your salary slip from Sevaarth Chandigarh. You will be able to read and download your wage slip in seconds after logging in. If you have any queries or problems obtaining your pay stub, there are tools available to assist you, such as customer support and online training. Sevaarth Chandigarh is committed to making obtaining your income information as simple and stress-free as possible.

Chandigarh Government Employees Salary Slip Benefits

Employees from different government departments can use their login credentials to visit the Sevaarth site. These slips not only assist employees in keeping track of their salary payments, but they also serve as a vital record for a variety of purposes such as loan applications, income tax filings, and job history verification. Furthermore, the information on a pay slip might assist employees in understanding what they are being paid for and how their income is determined.

  • Salary slips for employees to use as proof of employment.
  • The document assists with salary breakdowns, such as allowances, PF amount, loans, and other items.
  • Users can apply for loans at financial institutions using their pay stubs.

Chandigarh Pay Slip 2023 Download at Sevarth IFMS Login

An employee can use their salary payslip to apply for loans, job applications, and reference information such as their UAN number. Payslips contain information such as the employee’s name, employee code/number, UAN number, department, and so on. After seeing the slip, the user can download it by following the procedures given below:-

  • Visit the Sevaarth IFMS Official Website.
  • On the homepage, under the “common services” section click on the “e-Salary” option.
  • Now a page will open here click on the continue to login button.
  • After that log in page will open on your screen.
  • Here, enter your login ID and password
  • Then, click on the submit button.
  • Now, proceed to the dashboard menu.
  • Select the preferred payslip from the list.
  • Then, enter the month and year of the payslip you want to download.
  • Next, click on the view payslip option.
  • You can select the download/print option to get the document on your device.

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Can an employee create their password for the Sevaarth website?

No, the department DDO officer provides all access credentials, which are unique to each employee. The employee can create their chosen password after the initial login.

Who helps in managing the Sevaarth website?

Every department has a DDO officer who handles the portal and employee information online.

Sevaarth Employee’s Corner Portal web address

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