Telangana Layout Regularisation Scheme Registration 2023: LRS Scheme Telangana

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Telangana government has launched new land regularization rules through an update in Telangana LRS Scheme 2023. The Approved and Invalid Layout Rules for the year 2023 will answer the different types of queries related to the regularization of the Telangana Government of India scheme launched by the concerned authorities.

In this article, we will get to know about the relevant details so that we can know about the new changes that are being made by the concerned authorities of the government. Through this article, we will also share all the detailed requirements so that you can register yourself under the Telangana Government Layout Regularization Scheme for the year 2023. If you want to know the information related to Telangana Layout Regularisation Scheme then read this article carefully till the end.

Telangana Layout Regularisation Scheme
Telangana Layout Regularisation Scheme

Telangana Layout Regularisation Scheme 2023

Somesh Kumar, Chief Secretary, Government of Telangana has recently seen issuing orders to update certain clauses in the rules vide Government Order No. 135 dated 16th September. Now, due to the new update in the scheme, like the old LRS scheme of 2015, the government will provide 7 slabs in place of the four issued earlier in mandate number 131 dated 31st August.

The government has also introduced new regularization charges with the current market value of the plot as of 26th August 2020. This update was recently done by the concerned authorities of the Government of Telangana. Due to this update, many new changes can be seen in the regularization rules of the state.

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Telangana Layout Regularisation Scheme 2023 Objective

When the new update regarding the regularization fee was released by the Chief Secretary, he also said that the update was done keeping in mind the number of requests received day-to-day from the concerned resident of the state. All the residents of the state were quite disappointed as the regularization fee was very high.

The LRS scheme which was introduced in the year 2015 had a much lower regularization fee amount as compared to the new changes made a few years ago. Along with this, many MLAs also raised the same issue in the Vidhansabha on Wednesday. Minister in the assembly K.T. Rama Rao also addressed the issue and said that the regularization charges would be made similar to the plan for the year 2015.

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Telangana Layout Regularisation Scheme Mandatory Rules

All applicants applying for the new scheme must follow all the rules carefully:-

  • The width of the road should be at least nine meters.
  • In the case of vulnerable class layouts or plots of less than 100 square meters, the width of the road can be six meters.
  • In case the required road width is not available, the required depth shall be emphasized for equal width on both sides and water bodies shall be protected in the layout.
  • The regularization measure is not applicable to plots or layouts by application of land ceiling laws, land disputes or claims of title, boundary disputes, etc.
  • Regarding the allotted land, prior permission will have to be obtained from the District Collector.
  • If only a few plot holders come forward for regularization in the rejected layout, the layout pattern is approved by the competent authority.
  • Applicant should submit copies of the sale deed/ title deed only.
  • The agreement to sell or the general power of attorney shall not be considered in evidence.
  • No layout/development will be allowed at the bottom of any type of water bodies and in the Full Tank Level (FTL) of any lake, pond, ‘Kunta’, and ‘Shikam’ land.
  • The water bodies and courses shall be maintained as a recreational/green buffer zone, and no layout development activity shall be permitted except for recreation:-
    • 30 meters from the boundary of river courses/lakes of an area of 10 hectares and above.
    • ‘Kunta/Shikam’ land of area less than 9 m/10 ha from the boundary of lakes.
    • 9 meters from the limits of the canal, ‘vague’ etc., and two meters from the defined limit of ‘drain’ or stormwater drain.

Telangana Layout Regularisation Scheme Regularisation Charges

The regularization fee changes in this step-by-step points are as follows:-

  • For sub-registrars with a value of less than Rs 3,000 per square yard, it will be 20 percent.
  • 30 percent between Rs 3,001 and Rs 5,000.
  • 40 percent between Rs 5,001 and Rs 10,000.
  • Rs.10,001 and Rs.20,000 50 percent.
  • 60 percent between Rs 20,001 and Rs 30,000.
  • 80 percent between Rs 30,001 and Rs 50,000.
  • The sub-registrar value per square yard above Rs 50,000 will be 100 percent.
  • If 10 percent open space is not available in the rejected layout, then in place of the prevailing rate of August 26, pro-rata open space fee will be charged at the rate of 14 percent of the prevailing plot value on the date of registration of the plot. 2020.
  • LRS regularization fee includes NALA fee (for conversion of agricultural to non-agricultural land use).
  • No separate NALA charges are to be paid by LRS applicants.

Application Procedure of Telangana Layout Regularisation Scheme 2023

  • First, visit the official website of the Telangana LRS scheme.

  • The homepage will open on your screen.
  • On the homepage click on the Apply For LRS option.

  • A new page will display on your screen.
  • Two options will be displayed on your screen that is-
    • Indian
    • NRIs
  • Select your option as per your requirement.
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Click on Generate OTP
  • An OTP will send to your mobile
  • Enter your OTP
  • Click on the option called validate OTP
  • The registration form will display on your screen
  • Enter all of the details
  • Proceed to make your payment
  • You can do your payment with the Bank gateway
  • Finally, you have to submit documents
  • You must submit:-
    • A self-attested copy of the first page of the registered sale deed/title deed, in case of unsold plots
    • The layout owner shall file copies of sale deeds of at least 10% of total plots.
  • Lastly, click on the submit option.

Telangana Layout Regularisation Scheme Application Status

  • First, visit the official website of the Telangana LRS scheme.
  • The homepage will open on your screen.
  • On the home page click on the Know your application status option.

  • A new page will display on your screen.
  • Enter your acknowledgment number.
  • Lastly, click on the submit option.
  • The status will display on your screen.

Telangana Layout Regularisation Scheme FAQs

What is the fee for the Telangana LRS scheme?

The fees vary based on the size of the plot, location, and other factors. It is best to check with the official website for the current fee structure.

How can I apply for the Telangana LRS scheme?

Applications for the Telangana LRS scheme can be submitted online through the official website

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