Free Ration Card, State Wise List 2023, Benefits, Important Highlights

Free Ration Card | State Wise List 2023 | Application Process

A ration card is one of the important documents for every citizen of India.  Ration card is used everywhere for making documents like Domicile, Voter ID card, etc. The family gets a ration based on a ration card issued to them. The central government is going to provide free Ration Card facilities to the poor people of the country. People of the country who belong to APL and BPL families but do not have ration cards are all eligible for a free ration card scheme under the central or state government scheme.

Today in this article, we will discuss everything about the Free Ration Card like its important highlights, objectives, benefits, eligibility criteria, required documents, the application process, use of a ration card, etc. So to know more stay connected with us.

Free Ration Card

Free Ration Card 

A Ration card provides an identity to a person as well as authorizes the holder to a ration of food, kerosene, wheat, or other goods issued by the government. As we all know that the Coronavirus crisis is going on in the whole country, due to which the Prime Minister of our country, Narendra Modi Ji has locked down 21 days the whole country to protect the people of the country, which is now May 3. Due to this, the poor people of the country are getting a very hard to live their lives, they do not have money to buy food items, so all the state governments have given free ration items to their state’s people.

Free Ration Card Highlights
About Free Ration Cards
State All-state
Department Food and Civil Supplies Department
Benefit Free Ration Cards will be provided
Beneficiaries Residents of the state

Free Ration Card Objectives

Objectives of Free Ration Cards are as follows:-

  • The main purpose of the free ration card is to make the ration card available to needy people so that they can buy food items in this tough time.
  • You can apply online through the official website sitting at home. This will save both your time and money and will bring transparency to the system.
  • Through the ration card, you can get ration provided by the government at discounted rates.
  • Ration cards are also used as an essential document for availing of various government schemes.

Types of Ration Card 

The types of ration cards are as follows:-

  • APL Ration Card – This ration card has been issued by the government for the citizens of the country who live above the poverty line but fall below the middle-class category.
  • BPL Ration Cards – These rations have been issued to the people of the country who are living below the poverty line.
  • AA Y Ration Card – This ration card has been issued to those people who are living in extreme poverty and are financially weaker than other people.
  • Annapurna Card – These ration cards have been issued to those people who are helpless, very poor and lack income, and have no source of income. Such citizens are also included who are entitled to get National Pension Scheme but are not getting a pension. He can easily get a pension through this Annapurna card.

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Duplicate Ration Card 

In case your ration card is lost or damaged then you can get a duplicate ration card for which you can apply offline or online. You need to remember that to get a duplicate ration card, it is mandatory to have a lost ration card number, a passport-size photo of the head of the family, an Aadhaar card, and an application form for all the family members. In the application, you have to explain the reason behind your application. If your ration card was stolen, you would get an F.I.R. Photocopy of the same will have to be submitted along with your application form.

Delhi government has started the facility of temporary ration cards for those people of the state who do not have a ration card, under this, the benefit of free ration is being given to those who have a ration card, Delhi government distributes ration to those people. All the financially poor people of Delhi can avail the benefits of the temporary ration card scheme in this Delhi.

Ration Card Uses

Ration Card can be used in many ways:-

  • To get a gas connection
  • To get ration at concessional rates from FPS
  • To get passport
  • To open a bank account
  • To get life insurance
  • To get a driving license
  • To get a voter ID card
  • To buy a sim card
  • For school college
  • For court office
  • For making other government documents
  • To take scholarship

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants need to pass the following eligibility criteria to enroll themselves for Free Ration Card:-

  • Applicants must provide proof of residence who are residing there.
  • Ration card criteria will vary from rural to urban areas.
  • A ration card will be issued only in the name of the head of the family.

Documents Required

Applicant needs to have the following documents for enrollment on Free Ration Card:-

  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan card
  • Passport size photo of the head of the family
  • Income certificate
  • Gas connection details
  • Caste certificate
  • Bank account passbook
  • Active mobile number

Documents required to add a new member’s name to the ration card

If you want to add a new member’s name to the ration card then you need to have the following documents:-

  • Aadhar Card
  • Original ration card
  • Childbirth certificate
  • Aadhar card of parents

To add the name of the family bride

  • Marriage certificate
  • Husband’s original ration card
  • Parent’s Ration Card Nomination Certificate

Free Ration Card  State Wise List

State Official Website
Assam Apply Here
Arunachal Pradesh Apply Here
Andhra Pradesh Apply Here
Bihar Apply Here
Delhi Apply Here
Chattisgarh Apply Here
Chandigarh Apply Here
Himachal Pradesh Apply Here
Haryana Apply Here
Gujarat Apply Here
Jharkhand Apply Here
Jammu Kashmir Apply Here
Karnataka Apply Here
Kerala Apply Here
Madhya Pradesh Apply Here
Manipur Apply Here
Maharashtra Apply Here
Mizoram Apply Here
Odisha Apply Here
Punjab Apply Here
Rajasthan Apply Here
Tamil Nadu Apply Here
Sikkim Apply Here
Uttarakhand Apply Here
Uttar Pradesh Apply Here

Application Process

To register yourself for a Free Ration Card follow the following steps:-

  • Firstly, you have to visit the official portal of food distribution of his state.
  • After which a home page will in front of you on which you will easily find the link applicable to e-coupon / temporary ration card. You have to click on this option. After clicking on the option, the next page will open in front of you on the computer screen.
  • On this page, you will have to enter the mobile number and click on the submit button. After submitting you will receive an OTP. Submit the same on the website to verify and once it is verified a form will open.
  • Now the submission details will vary in different states where you need to submit them. Some basic details are the name of the head of the family, age, Aadhaar number, and the number of the member in the family.
  • Later, you need to submit the constituency and fill the full address in it. Now after that you will have to upload the Aadhaar card photo of the head of the family and the photos of the family members.
  • After submitting the details you will get a message from the authority on your registered mobile number which contains a link. Once you click on the link, you can download the temporary ration card and provide the ration to the nearest dealer for this temporary ration card.

Statewise Helpline Numbers

State Helpline Numbers Landline Numbers and Email ID
West Bengal 1967, 1800-345-5505 03322535293, [email protected]
Uttarakhand 1800-180-2000, 1800-180-4188 01352780765, [email protected]
Uttar Pradesh 1967, 1800-180-0150 05512239296, [email protected]
Tripura 1967, 1800-345-3665 03812326308, [email protected]
Telangana 1967, 1800-4250-0333 04023310462, [email protected]
Tamil Nadu 1967, 1800-425-5901 04325665566, 04428592828,

[email protected]

Sikkim 1967, 1800-345-3236 03592202708, [email protected]
Rajasthan 1800-180-6127 01412227352, [email protected]
Punjab 1967, 1800-3006-1313 01722742803, [email protected]
Puducherry 1800-425-1082 (Puducherry), 1800-425-1083 (Karaikal), 1800-425-1084 (Mahe), 1800-425-1085 (Yanam) 04132253345, [email protected]
Odisha 1967, 1800-345-6724, 1800-345-6760 06742536892, [email protected]
Nagaland 1800-345-3704, 1800-345-3705 03702233347, [email protected]
Mizoram 1967, 1860-222-222-789, 1800-345-3891 03892322872, [email protected]
Meghalaya 1967, 1800-345-3670 0364-2224108, [email protected]
Manipur 1967, 1800-345-3821 0385-2450137, 0385-2451144,

0385-2450064, 8413975150,

[email protected],

[email protected][email protected]

Maharashtra 1967, 1800-22-4950 022-22025308, 022-22024592, 022-22042314, 22025277, [email protected]
Madhya Pradesh 1967, 181 07552441675, [email protected]
Lakshadweep 1800-425-3186 04896263703, +91-4896-262012,

[email protected][email protected]

Kerala 1967, 1800-425-1550 04712320578, [email protected]
Karnataka 1967, 1800-425-9339 080-22259024, 080 – 22034562, [email protected]
Jharkhand 1967, 1800-345-6598, 1800-212-5512 06512400960, 0651-712-2723, 0896-958-3111, [email protected],

[email protected][email protected]

Jammu and Kashmir 1967, 1800-180-7011 (Kashmir), 1800-180-7106 (Jammu) 01942506084, 01912566188, 01912472375, [email protected]
Himachal Pradesh 1967, 1800-180-8026 01772623749, 01772623746, [email protected][email protected]
Haryana 1967, 1800-180-2087 01722701366, [email protected]
Gujarat 1967, 1800-233-5500 07923251163, 07923251165, 07923251170, [email protected], [email protected]
Goa 1967, 1800-233-0022 08322226084, [email protected]
Delhi 1967, 1800-110-841 011-23378759, [email protected]
Daman and Diu 1967 02602230607, [email protected]
Dadar and Nagar haveli 1967, 1800-233-4004 0260-2640663, [email protected]
Chhattisgarh 1967, 1800-233-3663 0771-2511974, [email protected]
Chandigarh 1967, 1800-180-2068 01722703956, [email protected]
Bihar 1800-3456-194 06122223051, [email protected]
Assam 1967, 1800-345-3611 9435064841, directorfcsca-as@[email protected]
Arunachal Pradesh 1967 03602244290, [email protected]
Andaman and Nicobar Island 1967, 1800-343-3197 03192233345, [email protected]
Andhra Pradesh 1967, 1800-425-2977 040-23494808 / 822, [email protected]

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