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Sovereign Gold Bond:-

The Reserve Bank of India has announced the dates for the 2023–24 first subscription tranche of the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme SGB. According to the announcement, the first series of the SGB program will start on June 19 and finish on June 23. The issue price is yet to be disclosed. Beginning on June 20 and running through June 24, this year’s SGB system has its first series.

The government has elected to issue two tranches of sovereign gold bonds (SGBs) during the first half of the current fiscal year. The 2023-24 Series I subscription period will run from June 19–23, 2023, while the Series II subscription period will run from September 11–15, 2023, according to a release from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The issuing dates for Series I and Series II are respectively June 17 and September 20.


Sovereign Gold Bond

In place of stand-in for actual gold, the RBI offers government securities known as Sovereign Gold Bonds. These SGBs, have a value of grams and are released frequently each year. The leading financial institution regulates the issuance price for each series. You can purchase and sell on the secondary market or in a series.

The sale of the SGBs will take place through specified post offices, recognized stock exchanges including the National Stock Exchange of India Limited and the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited, and Scheduled Commercial banks (apart from Small Finance Banks, Payment Banks, and Regional Rural Banks).

Sovereign Gold Bond Issue Price Fixed

The issuance price for the subsequent tranche of the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2021–22 will be Rs 5,197 per gram of gold, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) stated on Friday. Beginning on Monday, this tranche will be open for subscription for five days. The SGB Scheme 2023 Series II will be open for registration from August 22 through August 26, 2022. According to the RBi, the price of a gold bond would be Rs 5,147 per gram of gold for these investors who sign up online, representing a savings of Rs 50 per gram of gold.

What is the SGB Issue Price?

The price of SGB will be determined in Indian Rupees using a simple average of the past three working days of the week preceding the subscription period, according to the India Bullion and Jewellers Association Limited (IBJA). Investors who subscribe online and make payments digitally would receive a 50 rupee per gram discount on the issue price of the SGBs.

Redemption Cost

The redemption price will be presented in Indian Rupees and is based on a simple average of gold 99.9%(24 Karat) pure closing prices reported by IBJA Ltd over the preceding three working days.

Sovereign Gold Bond Interest Rate

Investors will get the nominal value at a set rate of 2.50 percent per year, payable every other year.

SGB as Collateral

SGBs might serve as loan security. Fixing the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio at the same level as the Reserve Bank’s benchmark gold loan is required.

Sovereign Gold Bond Benefits

SGBs have several benefits, which makes them a very beneficial investment. The investor is not required to keep or store the gold physically, therefore security and storage concerns are both resolved. The investor also gets their money back at the going rate for gold on the market. Because of this, the investor has more control over the time and cost of redeeming their gold.

SGB Denomination

The SGBs are going to be measured in multiples of grams of gold, with one gram being the base measurement.

Minimum Investment Size

The minimum investment allowed will be one gram of gold.

Maximum Limit

Each person may subscribe up to 4 kilograms, HUFs may subscribe up to 4 kilograms, and trusts and other similar organizations may subscribe up to 20 kilograms every fiscal year (April-March). We will accept a self-declaration to that effect. SGBs bought on the secondary market and those subscribed to in different tranches will encompass in the yearly ceiling.

Joint Holder

Only the initial application in a joint holding situation is subject to the 4 KG investment restriction.

SBG Tenor

The SGB will have an eight-year term with an early redemption option available after the fifth year on the interest due date.

SGB Tax Treatment

Interest on SGBs is taxed in accordance with the requirements of the Income Tax Act of 1961 (43 of 1961). The capital gains from the redemption of SGB by a person are not taxed.

Long-term capital gains from the transfer of the SGB will be subject to indexation advantages.


Participants in the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme must fulfill the simple eligibility conditions listed below:-

Indian resident:–

The eligibility standards were established by the Foreign Exchange Management Act of 1999, and Indian citizens are the only ones who may participate in this program.


Individuals, organizations, trusts, Hindu Undivided Families(HUFs), etc. may all invest in this plan as long as they are Indian residents. Together with other eligible participants in the plan, one may invest in bonds.


On behalf of minors, parents or guardians may purchase this bond.

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What Is the Scheme’s Bond Period?

The bond has an eight-year duration overall. Investors may opt out of the bond after the fifth year, but not before.

How much may I invest, in minimum and maximum amounts?

To issue a sovereign gold bond, one gram of gold is necessary at the very least. There are several top restrictions, depending on the investment. For institutions like trusts and universities, the weight limit is 20 kg. The weight limit for both people and HUFs is 4 kilograms.

How to pay?

SGBs accept cash payments (up to Rs 20,000) as well as demand drafts, cheques, and electronic banking.

Is Trade allowed for SGB?


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