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If a user applies to the National Rural Livelihoods Mission, they will be able to view the SHG list online. The district name, the total number of SHG members in each district, the number of new SHG members, and the number of SHG members who have been resurrected are all included in the list. Applicants may see the nrlm shg list assam online at Beneficiaries may access the online SHG List Assam on the official website, which has all the details. Members of the self-help organization can view the National Rural Livelihood Mission List by visiting the official website( In this approach, the beneficiaries can determine their position within the groups. To learn more about the Assam List Self-Help Groups, read this article till the end.


NRLM SHG List 2024

To empower women, the Indian government started a program known as the National Rural Livelihood Mission. The term for it is the Self-Help Group. In 2011, the Ministry of Rural Development made it available to females. The government has posted the SHG List, a list of women employed by self-help groups, on its website. You may use the SHG List to confirm whether there is a self-help group in your region as well. Applicants should look over the list to find out how many SHG members there are overall in each district, among many other things. Any member of a self-help group can access or download the SHG List from the official website.

Article About  SHG List Assam
Launched by  Assam government
Beneficiaries  People of Assam
Objective  Providing List of SHG beneficiaries in Assam
Official Website

SHG List Assam Objectives

The primary goal of self-help organizations is to empower rural women by providing work opportunities. To help those residing in rural regions find employment, NRLM founded the SHGs. The National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) seeks to alleviate poverty by giving people who cannot afford it opportunities for skilled employment and meaningful self-employment. That way, they will be able to support themselves. The low-income, self-managed women in the SHGs provide and build community structures and sustainable livelihoods. Women in rural regions may support their families and become financially independent with the help of these SHGs.

SHG List Assam Benefits

  • Applicants may get the SHG List Assam online at
  • You may access the List online if you applied to the National Rural Livelihoods Mission.
  • By visiting the official website, beneficiaries may check the online SHG List and obtain all the information they want.
  • By visiting the official website, members of the self-help group can access the National Rural Livelihood Mission List.
  • The List includes the name of the district, the SHG member who was recently recruited, the SHG member who was revitalized, and the total number of SHG members in each district.
  • The receivers can determine their position within the categories as a result.
  • The government has posted the SHG List, a list of women hired by self-help organizations, on its website.
  • If a self-help group has formed in your village, you may find out by looking up the SHG List online.

SHG Features

In rural areas, especially in villages, twenty to forty local women establish self-help groups. Participants in these self-help organizations contribute to the betterment of rural or financially precarious communities’ living situations. The members of the self-help organization give the women in the state’s hamlet instruction in basic education and skill development in order to assist them find employment, start making money, and become independent. Members of the self-help organizations receive financial support from the National Rural Livelihoods Mission to finish their background work. The self-help group works to make the lives of the underprivileged and disadvantaged members of society better.

Detail Mentioned Under SHG List

  • State Name
  • Total Members
  • SHG Type

Detail To Be Filled to Get SHG List

  • District
  • Block name
  • Name of Gram Panchayat
  • Village name
  • Group name

Eligibility Criteria

  • SHGs must have existed for the previous six months at the very least.
  • According to NABARD’s grading requirements, Self-Help Groups (SHGs) should follow the “Panchasutras,” which include regular meetings, regular savings, frequent interloans, timely loan repayment, and current accounting records.
  • To assist the banks, the SHG Federations can start the grading process as soon as they are founded.
  • If the formerly dormant SHGs are resurrected and remain operational for a minimum of three months, they will also qualify for the credit.

Check SHG List Assam Online at 2024

To view the SHG List Assam online, follow the steps given below:-

  • Visit the official NRLM website.
  • The homepage will open on your screen.
  • On the homepage, select Assam under the State Name area.
  • A new page will open on your screen.
  • Here, select the District, Block Name, Gramme Panchayat, and, village.
  • Then, select your favored Group Name.
  • The SHG List Assam will appear on your screen.

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What is the SHGs list?

The government has posted the SHG List Assam, a list of women employed by self-help organizations, on its website. You can check online to see whether your municipality has established a self-help group.

How do I access the SelfHelp Group in the Assam List?

Applicants can view the Self Help Group in Assam List Online 2024 on its official website.

The online SHG List Assam official website?

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