Operation Ajay India: Rescue Indian Residents Amid Israel-Hamas Crisis

Operation Ajay: To protect and bring back Indian citizens safely from the Isreal-Hamas conflict zone, the Indian government has launched “Operation Ajay“. The Indian government has made a detailed plan to make sure its citizens can return quickly from Israel and Palestine. This mission is very important for keeping Indian people safe during this difficult time.

operation Ajay

Operation Ajay 

As the conflict between Israel and Hamas became very serious, the Indian government quickly and decisively announced “Operation Ajay.” The main goal of this operation is to bring back Indian citizens who want to go back to India from the dangerous area. The Indian government will use special charter flights, and if it’s needed, Indian Navy ships might also be used to help people leave.

The Indian government has previously launched various operations to rescue Indian residents from other countries during times of conflict, such as the situation in Russia-Ukraine and other similar cases. These operations are a testament to India’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens, wherever they are in the world.

External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar played a very important role in starting Operation Ajay. He shared a message on a platform that wasn’t disclosed, but in that message, he showed how committed India is to keeping its citizens safe, even when they are in another country. This commitment turned into a detailed plan that will be put into action very soon.

Embassy’s Crucial Role

The Indian Embassy in Tel Aviv assumed a vital role in coordinating Operation Ajay. The embassy took swift action by emailing the first group of registered Indian citizens who were scheduled for repatriation on the first special flight. The initiative demonstrated the embassy’s dedication to the safety and well-being of Indian nationals in Israel.

The Indian Embassy in Tel Aviv is playing a very important part in making sure Operation Ajay worked well. The Indian embassy quickly sent emails to the first group of Indian citizens who had registered to come back to India on the first special flight. This shows or government cares about keeping the Indian people safe from the conflict.

UAE’s Cooperation On Operation Ajay

Right now, India is working with nearby countries to help its people. The External Affairs Minister, Mr. Jaishankar, is talking to leaders in the UAE. This is important because it means that countries are working together during tough times. Also, the UAE and Bahrain, two other countries, say they don’t like what Hamas is doing.

Contingency Plans and Control Rooms

Preparations for Operation Ajay included the creation of contingency plans to ensure the safety and evacuation of Indian nationals in Israel and Palestine. To streamline the evacuation efforts, the Ministry of External Affairs established a 24-hour control room in New Delhi. This control room serves as a vital hub for monitoring the situation and providing information and assistance to those affected.

Helplines for Assistance

The Indian Embassy in Tel Aviv and the Indian Representative Office in Ramallah set up 24-hour emergency helplines that are open all the time, day and night. These phones are like a lifeline for Indian people in the conflict zone. People who need help can call for help and get guidance right away. This shows that India really cares about the well-being of its people.

Assessing the Number of Indian Citizens

Operation Ajay extends to the assessment of the number of Indian nationals in Israel and Palestine, along with their current locations and willingness to evacuate. This data is critical in ensuring the safe return of all Indian citizens affected by the ongoing crisis.

Prime Minister’s Involvement In Operation Ajay

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s proactive engagement further underscored the seriousness of Operation Ajay. During a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Modi highlighted the issue of safety and security for Indian citizens in Israel. In response, Netanyahu assured full cooperation and support from Israel, catalyzing the mission to bring Indian citizens home safely.

The PMO’s statement underlines the seriousness with which the Indian government is taking the safety of its citizens in the region. It signifies a strong commitment to ensuring that Indian nationals in Israel are protected and can return home safely if needed during these challenging times.

A Message of Assurance

Amid the tension, Indian Ambassador to Israel Sanjeev Singla offered a message of reassurance to the Indian community living in Israel. He assured them of the Embassy’s continued efforts to ensure their safety and well-being. Such messages echo the spirit of unity and support that Operation Ajay represents.

Aid to the Injured

Under Operation Ajay,  assistance will be provided to those residents who have been injured during the conflict. The Indian Embassy in Tel Aviv reached out to a caregiver from Kerala, who was injured during the rocket shelling on Ashdod. At present, his condition is said to be stable and the Embassy is in close touch with him and his family.

The Wider Context Of Operation Ajay

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has escalated into a grave concern as casualties have continued to rise. In response to the attacks, Israel has launched a significant bombardment of the Gaza Strip, and there are worries about a potential ground invasion. Against this backdrop of tense and potentially devastating circumstances, the importance and urgency of Operation Ajay become all the more apparent.

Operation Ajay Helpline Number

For assistance related to “Operation Ajay” and the Israel-Hamas conflict, you can contact:

  1. 24-Hour Control Room in New Delhi:
      • Toll-free: 1800118797
      • Phone numbers: +91-11 23012113, +91-11-23014104, +91-11-23017905
      • WhatsApp: +919968291988
      • Email: [email protected]
      • Indian Embassy in Tel Aviv:
  2. 24-Hour Emergency Helpline in Telaviv:
      • Phone: +972-35226748, +972-543278392
      • Email: [email protected]
      • India’s Representative Office in Ramallah:
      • 24-Hour Emergency Helpline:
      • Phone: +970-592916418 (also available on WhatsApp)
      • Email: [email protected]

These helplines have been set up to provide immediate support and assistance to Indian citizens in the conflict zone.


Operation Ajay is a testament to India’s unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of its citizens abroad. As the conflict rages on in the Israel-Hamas war zone, the Indian government’s dedication to repatriating its nationals is a beacon of hope for those caught in the crossfire. This operation showcases the strength of international collaboration and underscores the government’s responsibility to protect its citizens, regardless of where they may be.

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