Goa Property Registration 2023: Important Application Procedure

Goa Property Registration| Goa Online Property Registration

The department that is responsible for property registration in the State of Goa is the Department of Revenue. The Revenue Department looks after the services that are related to property like registration of documents and issue of encumbrance certificate.

Today in this article we are going to discuss everything about Goa Property Registration like its, purpose, documents required, eligibility criteria, important highlights, the application process, stamp duty, contact details, etc. So to know more about Goa Property Registration stay connected with us.

goa property registration

Goa Property Registration 2023

The Indian Registration Act, 1985 governs the property registration process in Goa. Registering your immovable property should be the top priority when you buy a house, shop, or land as it provides, your legitimacy to carry out any transaction. A person is considered the legal owner of a property only after he gets the property registered in his name. Revenue Department is liable for property registration in the State of Goa.

Registration fees and stamp duty are not the same in all states of India so it’ll vary from state to state. The stamp duty is established on the agreement value or the market value and may vary from property to property and place to place. EC fees, document preparation charges are other charges incurred.

Goa Property Registration Highlights
About Goa Property Registration 
State Goa
Department The Revenue Department
Benefit Registration of the property will be done
Beneficiaries Residents of the state
Official Website Click Here

Goa Property Registration Purpose

The purpose of Goa Property Registration is as follows:-

  • It serves for the proper recording of documents which provides more authenticity.
  • The basic purpose of registration is to record the ownership of the property.
  • To ensure the prevention of fraud, conservation of evidence, transfer of title to the owner.
  • By registering property, the document will maintain an up-to-date public record.

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Benefits availed under Goa Property Registration are as follows:-

  • Registration of property helps for proper recording of documents which provide more authenticity.
  • By registering property, the document will maintain up-to-date.
  • To ensure the prevention of fraud, conservation of evidence, the transfer of title to the owner.


Documents Required

Applicant needs to have the following documents in order to register themselves on Goa Property Registration:-

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Address proof of applicant.
  • Property address
  • Survey Number
  • Document/Patta Number
  • Period for which the EC is required
  • Property Card if available
  • Power of Attorney
  • A map explaining the structure of the property
  • Proof of payment of stamp duty
  • Proof of ownership
  • No Objection Certificate
  • Digital Photograph of the property

Eligibility Criteria

The applicants need to pass the following eligibility criteria in order to register themselves on Goa Property Registration:-

  • Those who have landed in their names.
  • Those who are legal heirs of the deceased landowner.
  • Authorized signatory/ power of attorney.


  • The registration is valid till the land is sold to someone.

Stamp Duty

The stamp duty is the percentage of transaction value levied by the state government, on every registered scale. It is important to pay stamp duty charges in order to legalize the registration document and claim ownership of the property.

Stamp Duty and Registration Fee
Market Value Stamp Duty Registration Fee
Up to Rs 50 Lakhs 3% 2%
Above Rs 50 Lakhs up to Rs 75 Lakhs 3.5% 2.5%
Above Rs 75 Lakhs up to Rs 1 Crore 4% 3%
Above Rs 1 Crore 4.5% 3.5%
Agreement for Sale Without Possession 2.9% Rs 500/-
Agreement for Sale With Possession 2.9% As per Market Value
Deed of Rectification Rs 500/- Rs 500/-
Deed of Conveyance in Favour of Housing Co.Op. Societies 3% 1.5%

Encumbrance Certificate

An Encumbrance Certificate is a legal document that confirms that there are no legal charges on the property.

How to get your Encumbrance Certificate?

Follow the following steps in order to get your Encumbrance Certificate:-

  • Firstly applicant has to go to the Sub Registrar Office where the land is registered.
  • Then he has to take the Encumbrance Form from the sub-registrar office and then fills in all the required details and submit it with a nonjudicial stamp affixed along with documents to the respective authority.
  • After this, you’ll be asked to pay the fees.
  • A receipt containing the Acknowledgement ID is issued to the applicant.
  • This application request will be processed by the department.
  • You’ll get an SMS informing the status of the applicant.
  •  As per the notification, you need to visit the office to collect your certificate.
  • It will usually take 15 to 20 days.

If you want to download the application form for the Encumbrance Certificate then click on the link given below:-

Encumbrance Certificate Application Form

Application Process

Follow the following steps in order to register yourself for Goa Property Registration:-

  • Firstly you need to attend the Sub-Registrar Office to register all your land transaction documents.
  • Then the applicant should acquire the land registration document known as “Dalil”, then the applicant should visit Tehsil Office and apply for mutation in Form No.21 of TRLR ACT.
  • Tehsildar will acknowledge the receipt of the application form 21 by making a counter-foil, duly filled in, dated, and signed. Then he would enter the details in his Mutation Register.
  • If receiving any objection to the mutation either in writing or orally to the Tehsil office before the date of hearing, will be recorded in the disputed mutation case register.
  • The entries in the mutation will be tested by the Circle Officer and then shall order for field inquiry to the Tehsil office before the date of hearing.
  • After hearing, the applicant can submit Form B. Simultaneously the Tehsil Office will be preparing the Touzi mill Register, Badar Register, Jama Bandi Register and will send the case record to DCM’s office. After verifying the documents DCM will pass an order of mutation over Form B.
  • When handing over Khatian, the charges of Rs.15 per page of Khatian require from the applicant and Rs4/- per extra page of the concerned Khatian.
  • Then an applicant will receive an acknowledgment receipt to the concerned applicant as proof of collection of charge.

Contact Details

If you come across any query related to Goa Property Registration then take help from the following details:-

  • State Registrar-cum-Head of Notary Services
  • Registration Department
  • Shramshakti Bhavan, 7th Floor,
  • Patto, Panaji, Tiswadi-Goa
  • Pincode:403001
  • Telephone (O):0832-2437136 / (M): 9822125919
  • Fax: 0832-2437133
  • Email: [email protected]

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