Chandrayaan-3 Mission: ISRO’s Third Moon Mission FAQs

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Chandrayaan-3 Mission:- The Chandrayaan-3 moon mission from the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is about to lift off. On July 14, 2023 afternoon(2.35 IST),  The ISRO Chandrayaan 3 Mission plane is scheduled to launch from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.

Chandrayaan 3 is a follow-up mission to Chandrayaan 2, which crashed on the surface of the moon after failing to accomplish a soft landing in September 2019 owing to issues with the onboard computer and propulsion system. The ‘Fat Boy’ LVM3-M4 rocket will carry out ISRO’s Moon Mission 3.

Chandrayaan-3 Mission

Chandrayaan-3 Mission

India will become the fourth nation to land a spacecraft on the moon with Chandrayaan-3, the third lunar exploration mission, proving the nation’s capability for a secure and gentle landing on the moon’s surface. On Thursday, The countdown for the launch of the mission will begin. Chandrayan 3 will take off on Friday from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota. “Mission Readiness Review is completed. The board has authorized the launch. The countdown begins tomorrow,” ISRO tweeted. It will be launched on a GSLV Mark 3 (LVM 3) heavy-lift launch vehicle.

Article About Chandrayaan-3 Details and FAQs
Chandrayaan 3 Mission Launch Site Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh
Chandrayaan 3 Mission Launch Date Friday, July 14, 2023
Chandrayaan 3 Mission Launch Time 2:35 PM IST
Chandrayaan 3 Mission Budget The budget of Chandrayaan-3 is Approx Rs. 615 crore

ISRO’s Chandrayaan Mission History

India has already launched two lunar missions. The first, named Chandrayaan, was lifted out on October 22, 2008. The mission was famous for finding water on the moon, and it subsequently led to a number of additional discoveries.

The second mission, Chandrayaan-2, set off on July 22, 2019. After entering lunar orbit, the lander lost contact with Earth about 2.1 km above the moon’s surface.

Now Chandrayaan-3 has been developed using lessons from prior failures. This time ISRO is hoping for a successful space mission.

Chandrayaan Launch On 22 October 2008
Chandrayaan-2 Launch On 22 July 2019
Chandrayaan-3 Launching On 14 July 2023

ISRO Chandrayaan 3 Mission Cost/Budget

The third space mission by the ISRO is to investigate the Moon. Chandrayaan-3 cost About Rs 615 crore.

Chandrayaan-3 Mission Spacecraft Details

The Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft’s robotic moon lander and rover pair will be transported into an Earth parking orbit by ISRO’s three-stage Launch Vehicle Mark-3 (LVM3) rocket. This stable circular orbit allows the mission team to check that all instruments are functioning properly after launch. After that, the spacecraft will be put on a lunar transfer trajectory to start its trip through deep space.

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Chandrayaan-3 Lander and Rover Name & Purpose

The names of the Chandrayaan-3 lander and rover will remain as it was on Chandrayaan-2, according to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft includes a moon lander named Vikram (Sanskrit for “Valor”), and the Rover’s name will be Pragyan (Sanskrit for “wisdom”).

Four instruments are part of the Vikram (lander) system, which also collects data on moonquakes around the landing site and thermal conductivity.

After touching down, Pragyan (the rover) will disembark from Vikram and explore the surrounding area with the aid of its onboard cameras to avoid lunar obstacles. While conducting science experiments, it is supposed to stay within the lander’s field of view at all times.

With the help of two onboard instruments, Pragyan will undertake tests close to the landing location in an effort to collect crucial technical information about the moon’s composition.

The lander and rover will make contact with the Moon’s surface in the South Polar area, according to NASA. After landing, the lander will stay on the surface for 14 Earth days (one lunar day) collecting data.

Chandrayaan-3 Lander(Vikram) and Rover(Pragyan) Details

Chandrayaan 3 Mission Propulsion Module 2148 Kg
Lander Module 1752 Kg including Rover of 26 Kg
Chandrayaan 3 total weight 3900 Kg

Chandrayaan 3 Expected Date of Landing

According to ISRO Chairman S. Somanath, Chandrayaan-3 should soft land on the Moon on August 23 or 24, though this could alter depending on when the Sun rises over the Moon. ISRO will reschedule the landing for September if there is a delay.

Watch Online Live: Chandrayaan 3 Mission Launch

Anyone interested in viewing the launch live from the Satish Dhawan Space Center’s Launch View Gallery should register at

Anyone interested in watching the launch live online can do so on Doordarshan or the ISRO’s official YouTube account.

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