ADITI Scheme Announced to Encourage Innovation in Defense Technologies

ADITI Scheme:-

During DefConnect 2024, defense Minister Rajnath Singh announced the start of the Acing Development of Innovative technologies (ADITI) project, which seeks to encourage breakthroughs in critical and strategic defense technologies. The launch of DISC 11, the ADITI Scheme, and other programs at DefConnect 2024 demonstrates the government’s unwavering commitment to supporting innovation, entrepreneurship, and independence in the defense sector. With these initiatives, India will be able to ensure its security and sovereignty in the future while also accelerating its road to being a global leader in defense technology and innovation. To learn more thorough information on the ADITI Scheme, read this article till the end.

ADITI Scheme

ADITI Scheme 2024

The initiative allows start-ups to apply for grants-in-aid of up to Rs 25 crore to help their R&D and innovation activities in defense technology. The plan will encourage young people’s innovation and help the country make important technical advances. The 750 crore rupee ADITI project is housed under the iDEX (Innovations for Defence Excellence) framework, which is overseen by the Ministry of Defence’s Department of Defence Production (DDP).

Article About ADITI Scheme
Full form Acing Development of Innovative technology
Initiated by Government of India
Announced by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh
Beneficiaries Start-ups
Official Website


It intends to develop around thirty deep-tech vital and strategic technologies within the timeframe specified. Another goal is to develop a Technology Watch Tool that will bridge the gap between the capabilities of the military innovation ecosystem and the demands and expectations of today’s military. The Indian Army (3), Indian Navy (5), Indian Air Force (5), and Defence Space Agency (4) have together launched 17 challenges in the first round of ADITI.

Features & Benefits

  • On Monday, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh launched the Acing Development of Innovative Technologies with iDEX (ADITI) initiative.
  • The scheme, which would get up to Rs 25 crore in financing for defense technology research, development, and innovation, will focus on breakthroughs in important and strategic defence technologies from startups.
  • The initiative will foster young people’s creativity while propelling the country’s technical progress.
  • Making India a knowledge society is the philosophy behind programs and projects such as ADITI, iDEX, and iDEX Prime.
  • The occasion also marked the launch of the 11th edition of the military India Start-up Challenge (DISC), ushering in a new era of collaboration between the military establishment and the startup community.

ADITI Scheme Implementation

Rajnath Singh claimed that the most crucial step toward self-sufficiency is “gaining access to cutting-edge defense technology,” since modern fighting increasingly employs cutting-edge technologies. He said that we can master technology by inventing our own or absorbing the latest innovations from other countries. The administration is following two strategies. As part of the offset, we are using foreign direct investment (FDI) to buy technology from several countries.

However, because countries seldom share their most current breakthroughs, we are unable to obtain the finest technology in this manner. For this reason, we must develop the essential technologies ourselves. This requires research and development (R&D). A variety of conditions must be satisfied in order to foster a productive R&D environment. India has a significant youth workforce keen to develop the country’s technology potential.


Singh emphasized the government’s objective of establishing self-reliance as soon as it assumed power, stating that the country cannot continue to rely on platform and weapon imports since doing so may jeopardize strategic autonomy. According to him, India cannot make independent judgments on foreign issues that are compatible with its national interests until it has self-reliance. Only when our people build weapons and equipment in India can we maintain our strategic autonomy.

This is what we are striving toward, and the development is encouraging. Domestic defense manufacture has grown from over ₹44,000 crore in 2014 to over ₹1 lakh crore and continues to increase. This change came about as a result of our relentless efforts. Difficult decisions were required. The minister emphasized that the status quo had to be upset, and he listed additional efforts done to encourage domestic production, such as awarding 75% of defense capital procurement monies to Indian firms.

ADITI Scheme Official Website

The Government of India has launched the ADITI Scheme. The government has not yet released the official portal for this, but it will do so soon. We will update this site as soon as there is a new update to this proposal.

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